Carrie Underwood's Guitarist Led Rob to Your Kids!

Hello friends/family/fans! 

I thought it might be fun to give you the "quick version" of how I got into doing music/ministry/mentoring for kids & teens (and how Carrie Underwood's guitarist impacted my life!): 

  • I loved baseball and surfing as a youth in CA, but my parents suggested I take piano lessons at age 14. (I did) 
  • At age 15, a friend said, "You're a good singer.  You should join the high school choir." (I did) 
  • The first day of choir, I was humming a song as I walked past Shawn Tubbs (now a guitarist for Carrie Underwood).  He said, "Hey! My band plays that song. You should come sing with us sometime." (I did)
  • Then Shawn and I joined another band with a guy named Andrew (my first songwriting experience!) 
  • In 1995, my mom suggested I join the "Summer Vocal Teams" at Mariners Church in SoCal (I did) 
  • ...which led me to meet Craig and Diane Hodgkins.  Diane loaned me a Steven Curtis Chapman video, which inspired me to become an artist. 
  • ...I started writing songs again, but the songs I wrote didn't song like "grown-up" songs! 
  • Months later, Hermelinda Navarrete (a Children's Ministry worker at Mariners) suggested I sing and lead the 5th-6th graders (I did) 
  • Then, when Trisha Graves (the Children's Pastor) didn't really like the theme song that came with a VBS curriculum in 2002, she asked me to write one (I did - "The Bug Song"!) 
  • Then, after hearing several songs I'd written for the kids, a group of families came to me, offering to help me pay to record my first album (they did, I did!) 

And that's how God did it! 

I don't stand onstage next to Carrie Underwood like my friend Shawn does, but I have been delighted and humbled to stand onstage next to YOUR CHILDREN, pointing them toward Jesus Christ, God's son (and hopefully, brightening their day!).  I give God thanks and praise for that opportunity! 

Rob Biagi - September 21, 2017

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