"What Are Your Kids Doing Now?" - RESULTS!

Recently, I spent the morning reading responses from you (my email list) about “What Your Kids are Doing Now?”  I was amazed at how many little Rob Biagi Music Fans grew up and are serving in Children’s Ministry and other places!  And there are many musicians in the group as well.  I enjoyed reading ALL of your responses, but here are a few highlights (sorry I couldn't include everyone): 

  • “We love your music and the boys have grown up with following your family.” 
  • “Thank you for the love and hope you bring to so many kids who are searching for their identity.” 
  • “It was wonderful to see my kids sing and get into the motions of your songs, especially our son, who did not like to sing, let alone dance!” 
  • “I remember one morning in 2008 when my son was about 8 years old.  They were taking up a special offering for you and your daughter's leukemia treatment and as he was getting ready for VBS he emptied his wallet into his pockets.  I asked him if he didn't want to save just a little bit and his response was, ‘I don't really need anything, and it's more important to save a life.’”
  • “Our daughter, Emily, could not stop singing your songs.  For hours.  And hours.” 
  • “…and just recently we were all in the car singing....after prompted by Connor ‘Hey mom, do you remember Rob Biagi - You’re a V.I.P. to G-O-D?!”  We LOVE that song!”
  • “Thanks for your influence in my daughter’s life through your music!  She LOVES music, and I’m sure part of that comes from listening to you!” 
  • “My daughter really got into your music when she was only a year old in 2005.  We were living in CA at the time and a certain radio station would play a few of your songs on Saturday mornings and sometimes in the afternoon during the week. She would run to the radio and dance to your songs.  Then during bathtime, she'd want me to sing your songs to her!  'Jesus the Soccer Star' was her favorite.” 
  • “My daughter is entering high school next fall.  You could pray that God gives her a close friend who loves Jesus.” 
  • “My daughter is actively involved in the music ministry at our church, playing the keyboard.  She has an amazing ear, sense of timing, and ability to pick up theory.  She sings, too, naturally picking up harmony, and has taught herself guitar.” 
  • “Your music was fun and clever for us parents, too. I hope your ministry is blessed and it's good to know you're still making music.” 
  • “My older two daughters had a passion for dance so when they were little they loved dancing around the house with all the hand motions and movement inspiration you gave!” 

Thanks for "playing along"!  If you’d still like to let me know what your "growing-up" kids are up to, email me at rbiagi@mac.com!

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