20 Best Hits Music CD
  • 20 Best Hits Music CD
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20 of Rob Biagi's most popular songs! (over one hour of music!)

  1. "V.I.P. to G-O-D"
  2. "Trust in the Lord"
  3. "I'm Followin' Jesus"
  4. "Sweet, Sweet Love of God"
  5. "Is Everybody Ready to Go?"
  6. "Jesus the Soccer Star?"
  7. "Before I Go, I Stop"
  8. "We Are the Crew (Pirate Song for Jesus)"
  9. "The Bug Song"
  10. "Carry the Light (Matthew 5:16)"
  11. "You Shine (We're Rockin' Now!)"
  12. "Great King Jesus"
  13. "Hallelujah, Thank You"
  14. "I'm With Everybody"
  15. "The Way, the Truth, the Life (John 14:6)"
  16. "Cool Guys, Groovy Girls"
  17. "On We Go (Wild About God)"
  18. "Stink of the World"
  19. "God is Workin' On Me"
  20. "(People of God) Love Each Other"
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