“If God Lets Me Preach” 

I’m concerned. 

I hear so many sermons that include vague statements like “Jesus can make a difference in your life.” And I’m conflicted. Of COURSE He can! He does! But that’s not the #1 reason why He came. 

Carrie Underwood's Guitarist Led Rob to Your Kids!

Hello friends/family/fans! 

I thought it might be fun to give you the "quick version" of how I got into doing music/ministry/mentoring for kids & teens (and how Carrie Underwood's guitarist impacted my life!): 

  • I loved baseball and surfing…

I Had a Great Summer!

I just finished an amazing and rewarding summer of ministry!  Many thanks to everyone at First Pres. Jeffersonville, Prince of Peace Lutheran, First Pres. Bakersfield, The Cause Church, and Mt. Zion Christian.  It was so much fun!  I trust that…


You Make the Call...

I was talking recently with a friend whose kids' faith in Christ stalled after high school. 

They had memorized Scripture, they had sung and danced to Rob Biagi songs as wholeheartedly as elementary schoolkids can, and they had prayed…

Understanding Your Creative, Artistic, or Sensitive Child

I played sports as a kid.  My parents wanted me to be well-rounded.  I'm glad they did!  No matter what activity breaks out at a social gathering, family reunion, or corporate outing, I can throw/catch/dribble/shoot/surf/run/skate/hit a golf ball without hesitation.

Ministry to Future Men (and Women)

Here's a big, wordy brain-dump of a new mission statement for Rob Biagi Music. Can you wordsmiths out there help me edit it down? 

"My heart for ministry is to find disengaged, disinterested, or shy boys* (like I was!)…

Singing and Leading Worship is Not “Feminine”

Many of today’s church men are uninspired and disengaged, which is not surprising, considering that they were once elementary-age boys who were uninspired and disengaged.  Did the Church music, teaching, and storytelling of their childhood not "turn them on" and…


"What Are Your Kids Doing Now?" - RESULTS!

Recently, I spent the morning reading responses from you (my email list) about “What Your Kids are Doing Now?”  I was amazed at how many little Rob Biagi Music Fans grew up and are serving in Children’s Ministry and other…

When Kids Blow Your Mind

Sometimes my 12-year-old daughter Natalie surprises Kathleen and me with her wisdom, perspective, and knowledge.  I laugh and say, "She's high-level."

I'd sure be inspired to hear about kids who know their way around their Bible, or have stepped…


How to Get Boys to Step Up

I have a male Children's Pastor friend who leads the KidMin at a large church in the USA.

Last weekend, his church gave the congregation a special treat by letting the Elementary Kids lead worship for the adult worship…


Tell Rob About Your Family - Nowadays!

Many of you were friends and fans of my music “back in the day” because your kids were at a certain age, and enjoyed my music and live events.

I’m writing to you now because I’d like to hear…