Promoting a Rob Biagi Concert

Build a Fan Base:  Start using Rob's music in your kids' worship time.  (Rob can suggest songs that'll fit your Bible teaching).  Make CDs and downloads available, and help the kids and families in your community learn at least 5 songs Rob will be performing at the concert.  Get conversations started about Rob's music, concerts, website, blog, YouTube videos, Facebook page, etc.

Get Support from Church Leadership: Get "buy-in" from your Senior Pastor, Leadership Team, and congregation.  If it's an "All-Church" event, you'll draw a bigger audience to hear the gospel and the music.  Everyone knows someone who has kids [or has kids of their own].  Talk up the event and let them help you make it "succeed."

Take Advantage of Church Announcements:  Make announcements from the [main stage] pulpit and on the "Announcement Rotation" with graphics.  Don't be bashful.  This is an important church-wide event!

Advertise:  use [Rob-supplied]
graphics,images, promotional bios, and pre-made posters to advertise our event around your church campus, and in local businesses like Chick-fil-A.

Connect:  link from your church's website to Rob's website

Invite:  Send invitations out by mail to your VBS list, MOPS groups, Kids' Choir Musical List, Children's Ministry mailing lists, etc.

Serve Food!  A meal beforehand (e.g. BBQ) will get people to come.  Ice cream afterward is good, too.

Make it a Multi-Generational Event:  Communicate that it's a "families together" event - not a "drop off your kids" event.  Emphasize that families will have a great time singing and dancing together.

Make it INTERACTIVE:  Recruit some kids to dance onstage with Rob.  This is FUN for them!  Find a homeschool or theater mom to help a team of 4-8-12 kids to learn the motions to a few of Rob's songs "left-handed" from stage.  Teams of 3-4 kids can be alongside Rob for a few songs during the concert.

Sell Tickets:  Even if it's only $5/person - $25 max. per family - kids 2 and under FREE.  Great things are worth paying to see.  We pay for baseball tickets, movies, bowling, college classes.  And we get value.   People assume that FREE events aren't worth charging for, so they aren't worth coming to.

Do Contests & Giveaways:  Contact us for special bulk deals on CDs and use them as prizes during the weeks leading up to the concert/event.  Here are a couple of ideas:

      - kids who recite Bible verses or "join in" during kids' worship
        enter their name in a drawing for Rob Biagi giveaway items

      - the kid who brings the most friends to Sunday School for the month
        they get the onstage "VIP Treatment" at the concert for them and two friends!

MOST IMPORTANT - PRAY:  God knows who He needs to have at our event.  Pray for large crowds, then trust that "just the right people" will get the invitation, clear their schedule, and be there. God is in control!