From 1999 through 2022, Rob Biagi (bee-AH-jee) ministered to kids, teens, and families as a singer/songwriter, performer, teacher, and mentor. In June of 2022, he and his family took their "final bow" onstage at Prince of Peace Church in Carrollton, TX. It was a great ride. They are so thankful to God for introducing them to all of YOU! He is so good.

Along the way, the Biagi family encouraged tens of thousands of young people to discover and develop their God-given gifts and talents for His glory and purposes!  Rob is retired from performing, but still hopes to write and record music occasionally.  His music and lyrics videos can be purchased here on his website, or through Apple Music. Free listening is available on Spotify, Pandora, and there is a fun playlist of FREE MOTIONS VIDEOS on Rob's YouTube Channel.

Rejoice in the Lord always!

If you're a Children's Minister, you want songs and motions for Kids' Worship that are biblically accurate, high-quality, and ENGAGING TO THE OLDER BOYS!

If you're a parent, you want your kids to have "Jesus on their mind" every day of the week, not just Sunday.  Their music had better be hooky, clever, and MEMORABLE!

Rob Biagi (bee-AH-jee) has an answer for you.  He did NOTHING BUT KIDS' WORSHIP from 1999-2022.  His ministry began at a Southern California megachurch, and his music spread to all 50 United States and other countries like Australia, New Zealand, China, Costa Rica, and the United Arab Emirates.

Rob has consulted with megachurches like Prestonwood Baptist (Plano, TX), Mariners Church (Newport Coast, CA), and the Calvary Chapel system.

- find Rob Biagi on Apple Music
- Free listening on Spotify, Pandora, and Rob's YouTube Channel

Make sure you've got the motions videos, so your ministry kids (and families at home) can dance the "official" motions created by Rob's wife Kathleen Biagi!

Rob Biagi Music

Click the video below to learn about the Music & Performing Arts Camps Rob used to do for 8-18+ year olds!

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