Kids' Worship Help

When I was starting out as a Kids' Ministry Director, I didn't know what would help the kids remember the lessons.  I soon realized that music is what "sticks" with kids the longest.  But I struggled to find good, biblical songs, and didn't know what to do for motions!

The Problems Are . . .

- Most people who write the songs and make up the motions are not local church Kids' Worship Leaders, so they don't really know what we need.

- Most Christian-kids' songs use a Kids' Choir sound [which 3rd-6th graders don't like!]

- The lyrics can be cheesy, simplistic, over-hyped, or biblically inaccurate

- The motions are either too simple, too complicated, or have "already been done"

So - What to Do?

- The songs I write have proven to be "hits" with the K-6th grade kids at my church, and at churches across the U.S.A. and around the world [moms tell me that their kids walk around singing them and doing the motions].

- I use a "solo male voice" with modern pop production [like Radio Disney, Nickelodeon music artists, and nearly every successful pop and rock band in the modern era.]

- The motions my wife Kathleen creates are some of the best in the industry:
  • They are simple enough to learn some of them the first time you hear the song
  • They are complicated enough to be interesting and challenging to the kids
  • They actually "lift" the songs and make them better and more memorable

In my family - the REAL test of a song is this: Do my daughters [ages 14 and 7] dance around our house singing the song?  If not, it's not a hit, and the artist's message isn't being heard.