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Besides summer break, when is the best time to hold an event for 8-18 year olds? (what fits YOUR family schedule best?)

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Two Weeknights in a row 5
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Parents' Voices Grow "Dimmer" Over Time... 

Yikes. But you know it's true.  When kids are young, their parents' voices are loud, clear, and influential. But over time, mom and dad's voices grow dimmer (to varying degrees with different kids, but still...).

What have YOU done in the face of this reality?

I would like to help preteens and teens find godly mentors in their local churches.  Even myself, as a "Parent who thinks he did many things 'right,'" I want godly mentors speaking into my children's lives.  This is too important to leave to chance.

What are your thoughts?  How can I help?

- Rob

What About Secular Pop Music? 

Hi mommies!

My daughters [Juli - age 19, and Natalie - age 12] always liked some secular TV shows and music.  Not a lot, but some.  Disney Channel's old show "Phineas and Ferb," and a few others.  They like a few Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez songs.  They are big "I Love Lucy" fans [they got that from their mommy - ha ha].

What about you?  Do you let your kiddos listen and watch TV and download secular pop music? (all points of view are welcome here - I'm just askin' - not judgin')

If so, what are their favorite shows and musical artists?

What’s the Best Thing About Your Family? 

People used to see my family and me onstage and think, “They must always be like that” [playful, having fun, singing and dancing together, not fighting].  We're a regular family: I say hurtful things to Kathleen sometimes, she disrespects me sometimes [or at least I feel disrespected], the kids act up - you know what I mean...

But we do have great times together!
- We get in tickle-fights on the floor in the living room
- We play sports together in the street
- We do "character voices" and impersonations

How about you?  What are some of the things you and your kids will remember from your child-raising years?  Join the conversation! [click below to add your comment]

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Consider This...


“Do kids go around singing the songs?”
Good question. It’s THE question, actually. Children go around singing the most melodic, clever, memorable songs they’ve heard. Songs from musicals, Disney songs, adult worship songs.

But parents and Children’s Ministers don’t have time to preview all the Christian kids’ music CDs to find biblically accurate, high-energy, fun music.

Biagi Family way back in summer, 2011

And many Christian kids’ CDs sound like kids’ choir rehearsal CDs. Today’s 3rd-6th grade kids don’t like that sound and style.


And then there are the motions. Most Kids’ Church motions are either too simplistic, or too much like show choreography. [My wife] Kathleen Biagi makes up the best motions in the world, because her motions:
...are simple enough for the kids to learn.
...are complicated enough that it takes some "game".
...“Lift” the song and make it more fun and memorable!

And what about the heart and motivation of the artist? I want to support artists and companies that truly share my biblical values.  Do you?
So, you need a website that's fast and easy, with Bible/Teaching Points so you can find which songs to use and when, what all the lyrics [not just the :30 preview section]. You need to see the motions so you can know how they will work in your church, home, or club.

This Website Includes:
- :90-second Previews of songs [with individual song downloads]
- Previews of Dance Moves [with individual song downloads]
- Which RobSongs to use in Kids’ Church, and when
- Kids’ Worship Leader Tips, Blog, Forum
- What People Are Saying About Rob

NOTE: Rob Biagi is also the Kids’ Ministry Music Leader at Compass Bible Church in Aliso Viejo, CA

Rob's Bio

Biagi is pronounced "bee-AH-jee."

Rob is married to Kathleen.  Their kids are named Matt, Juli, and Natalie.  Matt is an ice hockey hockey referee, Juli is a musical-theater teen, and Natalie is a survivor of A.L.L. Leukemia.  Read all about Natalie's journey on her website.

Rob is a singer/songwriter of Christian Kids-and-Family Music.  Kathleen makes up the dance moves to Rob's songs.  They often do concerts as a family, all singing and dancing onstage together.

Rob is a loud, joyful guy who recently trained himself to be a "morning person."  He wakes up in the 5:00 hour to read the Daily Bible, pray, exercise, and play tennis.

Since his little brother Kevin was born in 1976, Rob has been captivated by the laughter, joy and wonder of children.  Still, he had never written songs or played music for children until he visited an orphanage in Kiev, Ukraine in 1998.

Rob was born in Hollywood and has lived in Southern California all his life.

He played clarinet and piano as a boy, and sang along with the radio.  In high school, a kid named Shawn [who later became Carrie Underwood's guitarist] invited Rob to join his [then] band as a vocalist/keyboardist.  They played "new wave" songs by other artists at school dances [but mostly in Shawn's garage].

Rob started to write songs, but they were lousy, and the lyrics were meaningless [like most other late '80s music].

Rob quit the music business in 1991 after a Virgin Records scout told him his music didn't have enough "sex and rebellion" in it.  Rob mostly worked in food sales after that.

He trusted Jesus Christ as his savior in 1997.

He volunteered at Mariners Church on the "Big Church" Vocal Teams.  Inspired by the joy of recording two studio albums with Mariners, Rob began composing again.  But the songs didn't sound like Adult Contemporary Christian Songs [they sounded like kids' songs].  He served both as a volunteer in the adult Worship Choir and on full-time staff in Children's Ministry until 2004. At the end, Rob was leading worship for K-6th grade kids 45-50 weeks a year.

In May of 2003 Rob released his first CD, "You're a V.I.P. to G-O-D".

In May of 2005 he released his second CD, "GET OUT THERE!" The 2nd CD has been heard around the world (including Italy, China, New Zealand, Africa, and Native Eskimo children!).

In December of 2007, Rob released his first live concert DVD video: "ROB BIAGI LIVE - the family concert!"

In January of 2010, Rob released his third music CD, “Joy’n the Family.”

His favorite part of traveling and doing concerts is greeting the kids individually after the concert.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Rob:
Q: Are you as happy in real life as you are onstage?
A: Most of the time. God created me with a happy heart, but I still get grumpy and frustrated once in a while, like everyone else. Plus, when you battle two cases of Leukemia in your family at the same time, you get cranky pretty easily.

Q: How did you learn to sing?
A: Singing along with the radio as a pre-teen. When you turn the radio off and start singing by yourself, though - that's when you can tell if you're any good.

Q: How do you write your songs?
A: I walk around with a voice recorder and start singing things about Jesus, and I record the ideas. I've written songs at church, in my neighborhood, in the shower, and on the tram at Disneyland.

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: Barbacoa from Chipotle Mexican Grill.  And Chicken Teriyaki.

Q: What were your favorite school subjects?
A: English and band (clarinet)

Q: What don't we know about you?
A: I was shy as a young boy. I only felt truly confident on the pitcher's mound in baseball. I started to become more confident and outgoing in high school. Then, after I became a Christian, I started to become REALLY confident, because I knew God was leading me to do the things I was doing!