Snuggle More!

Some of us are snugglers, some are not.  We should all snuggle more.  Researchers: c’mon, back me up! Humans need 8-12 “meaningful touches” per day.

[My 6-year-old daughter] Natalie was still asleep when I got up to walk this…

Singing and Dancing Will Make You Feel Better!

Are you tired, run down, listless? Sing and dance! Or are you feeling good, optimistic, and connected to God? Then sing – dance – worship!

No matter what you’re doing – homework, dishes, whatever – put on some good…

Re-Thinking “Jesus the Soccer Star?”

My first CD [“You’re a V.I.P. to G-O-D”] contains arguably my most popular song, “Jesus the Soccer Star?”

I have been asked about the meaning of that song a few times over the years, so - at concerts -…

Must "Maroon 5" Be So Vulgar?

I submit to you that Maroon 5 is the best-sounding, best-produced rock band of the last 20 years.  Those are some funky white boys.  Unfortunately, their songs are full of profanity, hyper-sexuality, and death threats.  Rats!  I could have been…

Work Out

I used to weigh 202 pounds. But I got fit. By doing work. By working out. I wake up in the 5:00 hour every day to walk, lift weights, stretch, and do push-ups. It’s hard work. But I weigh…

Rob's Songs Reinforce What Parents Teach?

I write my songs to reinforce the biblical truths that parents are teaching their kids.

But I am concerned that many fathers are not “stepping up” into their God-given command to be the “spiritual head of the household” (Deuteronomy…

"The Liberty Town"

We've been in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area doing concerts this week. I got to hear Chuck Smith [founding Pastor of Calvary Chapel] preach a brief sermon on Psalm 73 this morning.  Legendary man.

We did a show in New…

Don't Buy the Hype

Just because Kids’ Worship is high-energy and makes kids jump up and down doesn’t mean it’s quality. Don’t buy the hype! (necessarily). Make sure it’s biblical, memorable, and thought-provoking, too.

Consider my most hyper song, “Before I Go, I…