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Ministry to Future Men (and Women) 

Here's a big, wordy brain-dump of a new mission statement for Rob Biagi Music. Can you wordsmiths out there help me edit it down? 

"My heart for ministry is to find disengaged, disinterested, or shy boys* (like I was!), to help them identify their performing arts gifts, and to encourage them to STEP UP and USE those gifts for God's glory! 

Through weekend Performing Arts Workshops that cost $0 for host churches, I help inspire kids and teens to lead Kids' Worship, Youth Worship, and Adult Worship, and to one day become men who are ENGAGED, INTERESTED, and BOLD for Christ." 

*girls will be a part of the workshops as well. 

(Remember, this is just a brainstorm...)

Singing and Leading Worship is Not “Feminine” 

Many of today’s church men are uninspired and disengaged, which is not surprising, considering that they were once elementary-age boys who were uninspired and disengaged.  Did the Church music, teaching, and storytelling of their childhood not "turn them on" and fire up their imaginations enough to ignite a true zeal and passion for Christ?  Did the Holy Spirit fall down on the job?  Certainly not!  Were the Kids’ Worship leaders of the ‘80s and ‘90s ineffective?  I don’t know.  But it gets me thinking about the up-and-coming generation…

I feel called to help boys (and girls!) at your churches and in your communities to discover the performing arts gifts that God has given them.  I will encourage them to USE those gifts in Kids’ Worship, Youth Worship, and even Adult Worship.  My team and I will do workshops to help them become better singers, dancers, songwriters, and (Lord willing…) evangelizers.  We will remind them (or TELL them!) that their gifts come from God, and should be used for his glory and his purposes! 

And servants of God must be bold, and step up.

So...I am looking for churches to host my Performing Arts Weekend Workshops for kids 8-18 years old.  Will you help me pull an event together at your church? 

After all, there may be a future worship leader or best-selling author in your community who just needs a little godly "push."  Let’s FIND THEM and ENCOURAGE them! 

Rob Biagi 5/31/2017

Tell Rob About Your Family - Nowadays! 

Many of you were friends and fans of my music “back in the day” because your kids were at a certain age, and enjoyed my music and live events.

I’m writing to you now because I’d like to hear an update!  How old are your kids now?  Are they walking with Jesus?  What are your kids doing now?  How can I pray for you, and them?  Email me at

Worship Arts Camps - I am going to begin doing “Worship Arts Camps” for 8-18 year-olds in the Fall.  Are there 8-18 year olds in your home, or church, or community, who might like to take part?  I need places to hold these events, and I need a team of Performer/Teachers, so if you’re interested in hearing more, email me at

Booking Kids-and-Family Concerts - I am also booking concerts, school chapels, VBS events, and Kids’ Church Appearances for the Summer and Fall, so let me know about that, too. 

THINK about Christ today! - Rob Biagi

Could YOU Worship if YOUR Parents Were Divorcing?! 

Guys like me are always asking kids to "Sing, Dance, and Worship Jesus!"

But what if kids are being bullied at school or online?  What if their sister is "the favorite," and they feel forgotten most of the time?  What if, no matter how hard a 5th grade girl tries, she just can't make herself look "beautiful"?

It's easier for us (mature, adult Christians) to remember that God is always good, and that "nothing can separate us from [His love]..." (Romans 8:38), but what about children?  Will THEY feel like dancing and celebrating the goodness, faithfulness, and provision of God when their daddy doesn't live at their house anymore?  Would YOU feel like dancing?

Of course, our earthly circumstances shouldn't dictate our feelings about God, but what if you're 7 years old?

Watch this video, and let me know if you agree or disagree with me...


I once got an email from a KidMin lady saying, "I have a group of three sixth-grade boys, and they stand against the back wall during worship.  I can't get them to participate AT ALL, except on your song 'Carry the Light.'  During that song, they wait for the UNGH! and they GRUNT with all their might, then go back to looking bored and tired.  What should I do? - Sincerely, Erin."

I answered back: "REJOICE, Erin.  REJOICE!  Grunting is GOOD!  If they are grunting, they ARE participating in Kids' Worship!  Encourage them.  Don't judge them or give them dirty looks.  To be able to put the 'UNGH!' in the right place, they are hearing all that truth from Matthew 5:16.  Pray for them and trust that they are getting it! - Sincerely, Rob."

Years went by and I got to meet Erin in person.  She said, "I never told you the follow-up story.  I did what you said, Rob.  I encouraged them.  I wasn't mad or condescending.  I stayed real positive and thanked them for grunting.  It's now three years later and guess what?  Those three boys are now freshmen in high school, and the three of them are my regular 11am Kids Worship leaders!"

Rob's New Song - "Let's Ride Together!" 

River of Life Church in Santa Clara, CA asked me to write a theme song specific to their "RiverKids" Children's Ministry.  The lyrics are obviously specific to RiverKids, BUT: I will soon have an "alternate lyrics version" that will work for YOU.  Here's why I think you and your ministry kids will LOVE IT:
1) it's in a good sing-along key!
2) it has a ROCK sound
3) the motions are fun and unifying
4) it's packed with spiritual meat

"Let's Ride Together! (RiverKids Theme Song 2014)" words and music by Rob Biagi (c)2014 Rob Biagi Music/BMI
Thanks to Michael Sanders of for the excellent tracks and mix!
Lead vocal (verse): Rob Biagi
Lead vocal (chorus): Juli Biagi

Do you dare to dream who God might let you be?
Are you willing to pray on your knees each day?
You and me, ready to be courageous
Don't look back, ready to act audacious!

Let's ride together!  RiverKids forever!
Learning all the things that God wants us to know...whoa-oh
We ride the River; all us kids together
Doing all the things that God wants us to do...woo oo oo, yeah!

Do I trust in Christ when the river waters rise?
I am not afraid; Adventure's on its way!
You and me, ready to be courageous
Hold onto Christ as the river rages!

Let's ride together!  RiverKids forever!Learning all the things that God wants us to know...whoa-oh
We ride the River; all us kids together
Doing all the things that God wants us to do...woo oo oo, yeah!

Not Just for Sunday 

When you’re picking songs for your family or Kids’ Church, make sure there are some “Not Just for Sunday” songs in the mix.

Monday through Saturday, my own daughters don’t choose to listen to many songs with really “churchy”/worshippy language (“Blessed Be Your Holy Name, Lord”). Instead they listen to songs by popular Christian rock bands and contemporary artists – not necessarily stuff that’s sung in high school or adult worship.

Remember – we have to think like the kids! If the adult volunteers love your Kids’ worship songs, you might not be reaching the kids! Your songs should “hook” the kids with a good melody and kid-friendly lyrics and biblical concepts. That way they can be reminded of God throughout the week, or think of him in a different way. Kids’ Music is “Not Just for Sunday”!

The songs I write are a kids-eye-view of the Christian life. Consider these lyrics:
- “I got the ‘Stink of the World’ off me…”
- “I don’t know about you; I just know about me. ‘I’m Followin’ Jesus’…”
- “Our house is a ‘Loud House,’ can’tcha see?…Praise rises from me.”
- “Every tear I’ve cried – You’ll wipe from my eyes and I’ll say, ‘Hallelujah, Thank You.’”

I’m not saying “get rid of the overtly 'churchy' songs,” I’m suggesting that kids don’t remember those as easily throughout the week. It’s not how they talk, and it’s not how they think. BUT THOSE SONGS ARE IMPORTANT to introduce kids to deeper truths about God’s nature, true worship, and biblical repentance and faith (and to get them ready for Junior High School). So mix them in. But make sure you’ve got lyrics and music styles that really GRAB the kids and make them remember Jesus at all different times throughout the week.

Go to to listen and purchase music, motions, CDs, DVDs, chord charts, worship leader tips, and everything you’ll need to strengthen your Kids’ Worship for next weekend! May God use you and me powerfully as we seek and serve him. – Rob Biagi

"The Bug Song" + YouTube = Lyrics Videos from Scotland...?!  

A few years ago somebody made a video: A guy in Scotland named Graeme found the video and starting using it for his puppet ministry.

Years later, Graeme found out that "The Bug Song" was my song, and searched the Internet to see what other Christian songs I had for kids. He found "You're a V.I.P. to G-O-D" (and posted a video on "Rob Biagi Music" Facebook Page posted January 5, 2013). He also started following me on Twitter @robbiagi.

One day I tweeted, "Does anybody out there in the Twitterverse know how to make cool lyrics videos? I could sure use them!" Graeme answered, and offered to help me. He eventually created this lyrics video for my song, "Before I Go, I Stop":

Today, agreed to offer it for sale to churches and Children's Ministers who want to have "Before I Go, I Stop" on their playlists for Kids' Worship at their churches. Hooray! Praise God, and thank you Graeme!

Don't Just Keep Eating the Soft Serve! 

I'm the KIDS Ministry Music Leader at my home church. Some people say my church is lucky to have me there leading kids' worship. Maybe. Or is it I'M LUCKY to have the chance to lead the kids and watch their families grow in Christ?

I don't sing all my own songs during kids' worship.  And you shouldn't do all one artist's (or company's) songs, either. It's like going to a buffet and only eating the soft serve ice cream. Sure, it tastes good, and it's easy to work that machine, but it's a "milk" product, and it's not that good for you.  You need MEAT. Spiritual meat!

And when they introduce a new recipe, bread, soup, or dessert - try some! Put it in the mix! Don't keep getting the same thing you've always gotten. There might be a new flavor that makes your tastebuds dance and sing!

As always, I welcome your comments.

“Good” Motions for Kids’ Church 

What makes Kids’ Church motions “good” or “not good”? Is it their complexity? Simplicity? Hipness? Learnability?

It’s all of these. Truth is, you may be losing kids’ interest (especially the boys) if your motions are:
 - too girly
 - too complicated
 - too simplistic, repetitive, or “mellow”

If your ministry kids “check out” during worship time, you’re missing a POWERFUL chance to reinforce the truth you’re teaching from God’s word (which IS the point of church – you’re not just “entertaining the kids,” are you?!)

So – consider re-working your existing motions to be:
 - simple enough that kids "get it" (or much of it) right away
 - complicated enough that a part or two will challenge them
 - memorable enough that kids REMEMBER the Lord Jesus Christ (or whatever Christian attribute you’re singing about!)

Kids want to dance and sing…look at the popularity of the “Just Dance” video game! Just make sure you’re setting them up for success, and a challenge, and a memorable time they’ll want to build on next week!
Check out the best motions in the business here.  

32 Things on My Mind During Worship! 

Today during Worship Time with the Preschool kids at my church, I thought to myself:

1. Do the kids feel comfortable? I want this to be a good experience for them...
2. Is the music too loud? I don't want to hurt 'em
3. Is the music loud enough? I don't want to bore them
4. Is that my tennis shoes I smell?
5. Did I pick good songs for them?
6. Why isn’t Bailey dancing and singing? She's usually into it!
7. Do I really need to be wearing a microphone? I think they can hear me without it
8. What part of the song comes next?
9. Annabelle is such a funny kid!
10. Should I let a preschooler pray on the microphone?
11. I need more tech help at this service!
12. There are lots of kids here today!
13. Some of the kids are SO shy…I wonder what to do to make them comfortable with me…?
14. Do I smell cookies?
15. The kids don’t seem to be "playing along" with this song…
16. Are the motions too hard?
17. Is it too theologically advanced for them?
18. Naw...this is working!  This is fun!
19. Why don’t more people join the Worship Team?  It's just me and one girl at this service...
20. Is there a key change in this song or not?
21. I wonder if they can see my stomach when I lift my hands like this?
22. That looks like Pastor Mark's kid.  She's so BIG now!
23. I should really get some better jeans…these are kinda faded…
24. I wish the teachers would do the motions more “full-out,” then the kids would follow their lead
25. Why did that girl’s parents put her in a “Spoiled Princess” shirt?  That's not something to be proud of or aspire to...!
26. Wow – the sermon is longer today…
27. Should I do another song to fill the time?
28. Noah and Cole are running in circles and fighting…should I break them up?  No one else is...
29. I wonder if the kids sing this song at their houses?
30. Oh yeah...the garage door opener isn't working at our house...
31. I’m kinda sick of this song – I wonder if the kids are, too?
32. God – am I doing a good job representing you? I trust that you are doing great ministry through me and this music…

And that was during ONE SONG!  ...and you thought leading Kids' Worship was just singing and dancing!

“Big-Church Leftovers” for KidMin! 

KIDS Ministry at our church is using wireless mics, speakers, cables, and even PEOPLE from the main stage “Big Church.” What about you?

Ask your “Big Church” soundman what gear and accessories he’s no longer using that Children’s Ministry can have or borrow. You’ll probably find:
- speakers that sound better than what you’ve got now (“Big Church” used them as “monitors,” but they’re now using “in-ear monitoring systems”)
- microphone cables (because they’re now using wireless mics)
- Acoustic drums (because they’re now using electronic drums to “control onstage volume”)

If you’re not a Children’s Minister, pass this Blog info along to the KidMin people at your church! It might be useful to them!

Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s to great ministry and Christ-following in 2013…Rob Biagi & family

Kids' Worship Didn't "Work" Last Night 

Preschool boys were chasing each other around during a slow song.  The 5th and 6th graders were hesitant to sing and do the motions.  The 2nd graders had to be told to stand up several times.  Even a couple of staff kids seemed uncharacteristically uninvolved...

So - was Kids' Worship a failure last night?  I was tempted to think so.  But then I remembered that I am commanded to worship God (Col. 3:16), and encourage the children to do likewise.  It's not a "performance," whose "success" is determined by the [obvious, outward] response of the "audience."  It is sowing seeds of God's truth through song and dance.

It took me two rotations (K-4th and preschool) of struggling with discouragement, but then I prayed again, and God softened my heart.  Like I said, the 5th and 6th graders were hesitant, but my focus was correct, and I stayed encouraging and positive!

So - Kids' Worship "worked"?!  God knows, and he is in control.  I am commanded to love and serve Him the best I can (Col. 3:23), and trust Him with the outcome (Ps. 37:5).

Good Guitar-Playing By Day, Good Lyrics By Night! 

Today was "Day 2" of guitar-recording for Rob's new CD with a guitarist named Doug Jackson.   Rob said Doug played some "surf guitar," some "funk guitar," some "adoration/worship" guitar, and some "grungy rock" guitar! (hmm...a variety of styles! - sounds a new Rob Biagi CD, that's for sure!)

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

Here are some lyrics Rob came up with at 1:45am this morning:

"It's loud in the living room when the family worships together
The songs make me jump and groove and I bet we'll sing them forever

Oh - we love the way the guitar plays
Oh - we love to hear the children praise!

Our house is a loud house, can'tcha see?
Our house is the place kids wish to be
It's full of surprises - praise rises - from me!"

words and music by Rob Biagi (c) 2012 Rob Biagi Music/BMI (lyrics used by permission)

Are Kids Hearing the Gospel? 

Everything we do here at Rob Biagi Music is designed to get kids to:
- hear the gospel of Jesus Christ
- remember Jesus throughout the day as they sing the songs with you and to themselves (Deuteronomy 6:7)
- respond correctly to the saving message of Jesus

The lyrics Rob writes, the energy of the music production - all of it is designed to be engaging for your kids so they'll remember Christ at the breakfast table on a Tuesday morning, and on the sports field on Friday afternoon. Rob wants kids humming his songs.

But most of all, God wants the people he creates to be reconciled to Him (2 Corinthians 5:20b).

Be grateful to God!

Consider This . . .  

Do kids go around singing the songs?

Good question. It’s THE question, actually. Children go around singing the most melodic, clever, memorable songs they’ve heard. Songs from musicals, Disney songs, adult worship songs.

But parents and Children’s Ministers don’t have time to preview all the Christian kids’ music CDs to find biblically accurate, high-energy, fun music.

And many Christian kids’ CDs sound like kids’ choir rehearsal CDs. Today’s 3rd-6th grade kids don’t like that sound and style.

And then there are the motions. Most Kids’ Church motions are either too simplistic, or too much like show choreography. [My wife] Kathleen Biagi makes up the best motions in the world, because her motions:
...are simple enough for the kids to learn.
...are complicated enough that it takes some "game".
...“Lift” the song and make it more fun and memorable!

And what about the heart and motivation of the artist? I want to support artists and companies that truly share my biblical values. Do you?

So, you need a website that's fast and easy, with Bible/Teaching Points so you can find which songs to use and when, what all the lyrics [not just the :30 preview section]. You need to see the motions so you can know how they will work in your church, home, or club.

This Website Includes:
- :90-second Previews of songs [with individual song downloads]
- Previews of Dance Moves [with individual song downloads]
- Which RobSongs to use in Kids’ Church, and when
- Kids’ Worship Leader Tips, Blog, Forum
- What People Are Saying About Rob

NOTE: Rob Biagi is also the Kids’ Ministry Music Leader at Compass Bible Church in Aliso Viejo, CA

The Kid Who Learned to Make Coffee 

When I started out as a Kids’ Worship Leader, I wanted to captivate kids with our church's music time.  I wanted them to be SO PUMPED for music time that they'd never be late.  We started music at 9am SHARP, and Parker, the 4th grade boy, didn't want to miss it.

He used to stand at the bottom of the stairs and shake his dad's car keys so the family would "get moving" and not make him late to Kids' Church.

Then, he learned to make coffee.  The kid was INTO IT!

Is what we are doing in Children's Ministry compelling and captivating?  If not, let's make changes!  God deserves our BEST.

Re-Thinking “Jesus the Soccer Star?” 

My first CD [“You’re a V.I.P. to G-O-D”] contains arguably my most popular song, “Jesus the Soccer Star?”

I have been asked about the meaning of that song a few times over the years, so - at concerts - I give a full-blown-explanation of the lyrics, saying “It tells the historical truth that Jesus Christ [God the Son] left his rightful place in heaven to solve the sin problem of mankind [every person who repents of their sin and trusts in Christ's substitutionary life, death on the cross, burial, and resurrection from the dead.]  Plus, it asks a fun question: if we were alive back in the time of Christ's earthly ministry and we had a game of soccer going, would Jesus want to join in the game?”

So - is that the message YOU get from the "Soccer Star" lyrics, or was it something else?  And do you think that the Lord Jesus would “play with us”? [please comment below]

Don't Buy the Hype 

Just because Kids’ Worship is high-energy and makes kids jump up and down doesn’t mean it’s quality. Don’t buy the hype! (necessarily). Make sure it’s biblical, memorable, and thought-provoking, too.

Consider my most hyper song, “Before I Go, I Stop” (from the “GET OUT THERE!” CD/DVD). It’s pretty thrashy and rockin’, but the lyrics say: “I go all out. Beyond any doubt. I want my life to SHOUT - ‘God is alive in me!’”

The motions call for kids to jump, pump their fists HARD, shake their heads (and so forth), but it’s a solid biblical, thought-provoking message, too.

I’m just sayin...