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Does Your Kid Have Mentors? 

My dad gave me some great advice; I wish I'd taken it! (YouTube video blog [Vlog] link:

We all want to give our kids an edge in life. We want them to benefit from the wisdom of our experience. But what if they're like I was, and they won't take their parents' advice? 

One word: mentors. 

My Music & Performing Arts Workshops (which begin next month Sep. 9-10 weekend in Mission Viejo, CA) will include a mentoring component. My aim is to help your kids find local, godly mentors to speak into their lives from time to time. I'll share about how my older brother mistreated me for many years, then repented and changed completely! I'll share how I have struggled with timidity and overcame it (2 Timothy 1:7).

I know we live in a social media age. I know that kids spend 7 1/2 hours a day looking at their screens, sometimes wishing they were someone else. I know that a lot of adults think we've "lost" the culture war. Maybe it's true. But there is still hope! (Psalm 73:25) 

If you'll spread the word and help me get an audience of 8-18 year old kids & teens in Mission Viejo in 3 weeks, I'll give it all I've got to remind them of who they are in Christ. I'll let them share their thoughts, and ideas, and creativity. And we'll have a BLAST singing, dancing, and performing a show for you! Click here to register your child(ren): 

If you would SHARE my posts and links on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I'd sure appreciate it. 

Pointing kids to Christ has ALWAYS been my favorite thing to do, and perhaps it matters more than ever these days. 

I welcome your comments... 


Understanding Your Creative, Artistic, or Sensitive Child 

I played sports as a kid.  My parents wanted me to be well-rounded.  I'm glad they did!  No matter what activity breaks out at a social gathering, family reunion, or corporate outing, I can throw/catch/dribble/shoot/surf/run/skate/hit a golf ball without hesitation.

But when scheduling wouldn't allow BOTH baseball AND our High School Musical, I quit baseball quickly and decisively.

My dad and I had some tension back then, and I didn't feel heard or understood by him (he didn't feel heard or understood by ME, either!).  He did great overall, though.  

My dad was/is SUCH an example of loyalty, determination, work ethic, being a provider, loving his wife and kids, and having a great work/life balance.  And he humbly loves God, too.  Now that I think of it, I want to be more like my dad.  He would always ask me to play piano and sing "Just the Way You Are" by Billy Joel, while he sat and listened and got choked up.  We're alike in THAT way!

But I am one of those creative, artistic, sensitive types.  I don't fit in sometimes.  I don't want to talk about college basketball, ESPN, or business.  Maybe your kid is more like me.

If so, I want to help you understand and raise that sensitive, creative, artistic kid.  Tell me your story on

And be encouraged! - Rob Biagi

Ministry to Future Men (and Women) 

Here's a big, wordy brain-dump of a new mission statement for Rob Biagi Music. Can you wordsmiths out there help me edit it down? 

"My heart for ministry is to find disengaged, disinterested, or shy boys* (like I was!), to help them identify their performing arts gifts, and to encourage them to STEP UP and USE those gifts for God's glory! 

Through weekend Performing Arts Workshops that cost $0 for host churches, I help inspire kids and teens to lead Kids' Worship, Youth Worship, and Adult Worship, and to one day become men who are ENGAGED, INTERESTED, and BOLD for Christ." 

*girls will be a part of the workshops as well. 

(Remember, this is just a brainstorm...)

Singing and Leading Worship is Not “Feminine” 

Many of today’s church men are uninspired and disengaged, which is not surprising, considering that they were once elementary-age boys who were uninspired and disengaged.  Did the Church music, teaching, and storytelling of their childhood not "turn them on" and fire up their imaginations enough to ignite a true zeal and passion for Christ?  Did the Holy Spirit fall down on the job?  Certainly not!  Were the Kids’ Worship leaders of the ‘80s and ‘90s ineffective?  I don’t know.  But it gets me thinking about the up-and-coming generation…

I feel called to help boys (and girls!) at your churches and in your communities to discover the performing arts gifts that God has given them.  I will encourage them to USE those gifts in Kids’ Worship, Youth Worship, and even Adult Worship.  My team and I will do workshops to help them become better singers, dancers, songwriters, and (Lord willing…) evangelizers.  We will remind them (or TELL them!) that their gifts come from God, and should be used for his glory and his purposes! 

And servants of God must be bold, and step up.

So...I am looking for churches to host my Performing Arts Weekend Workshops for kids 8-18 years old.  Will you help me pull an event together at your church? 

After all, there may be a future worship leader or best-selling author in your community who just needs a little godly "push."  Let’s FIND THEM and ENCOURAGE them! 

Rob Biagi 5/31/2017

"What Are Your Kids Doing Now?" - RESULTS! 

Recently, I spent the morning reading responses from you (my email list) about “What Your Kids are Doing Now?”  I was amazed at how many little Rob Biagi Music Fans grew up and are serving in Children’s Ministry and other places!  And there are many musicians in the group as well.  I enjoyed reading ALL of your responses, but here are a few highlights (sorry I couldn't include everyone): 

  • “We love your music and the boys have grown up with following your family.” 
  • “Thank you for the love and hope you bring to so many kids who are searching for their identity.” 
  • “It was wonderful to see my kids sing and get into the motions of your songs, especially our son, who did not like to sing, let alone dance!” 
  • “I remember one morning in 2008 when my son was about 8 years old.  They were taking up a special offering for you and your daughter's leukemia treatment and as he was getting ready for VBS he emptied his wallet into his pockets.  I asked him if he didn't want to save just a little bit and his response was, ‘I don't really need anything, and it's more important to save a life.’”
  • “Our daughter, Emily, could not stop singing your songs.  For hours.  And hours.” 
  • “…and just recently we were all in the car singing....after prompted by Connor ‘Hey mom, do you remember Rob Biagi - You’re a V.I.P. to G-O-D?!”  We LOVE that song!”
  • “Thanks for your influence in my daughter’s life through your music!  She LOVES music, and I’m sure part of that comes from listening to you!” 
  • “My daughter really got into your music when she was only a year old in 2005.  We were living in CA at the time and a certain radio station would play a few of your songs on Saturday mornings and sometimes in the afternoon during the week. She would run to the radio and dance to your songs.  Then during bathtime, she'd want me to sing your songs to her!  'Jesus the Soccer Star' was her favorite.” 
  • “My daughter is entering high school next fall.  You could pray that God gives her a close friend who loves Jesus.” 
  • “My daughter is actively involved in the music ministry at our church, playing the keyboard.  She has an amazing ear, sense of timing, and ability to pick up theory.  She sings, too, naturally picking up harmony, and has taught herself guitar.” 
  • “Your music was fun and clever for us parents, too. I hope your ministry is blessed and it's good to know you're still making music.” 
  • “My older two daughters had a passion for dance so when they were little they loved dancing around the house with all the hand motions and movement inspiration you gave!” 

Thanks for "playing along"!  If you’d still like to let me know what your "growing-up" kids are up to, email me at!

How to Get Boys to Step Up 

I have a male Children's Pastor friend who leads the KidMin at a large church in the USA.

Last weekend, his church gave the congregation a special treat by letting the Elementary Kids lead worship for the adult worship service!  As my friend's eyes scanned the kids as they led worship, he noticed that out of the 80 kids who were leading, there were only 12 boys.  That's 15%.

While there IS a lot of debate about a man's role and a woman's role in society  today, the Bible is clear that men are to STEP UP (1 Peter 4:10), follow Christ (Luke 10:27), preach the gospel, serve, and lead!  We MUST get boys and young men started thinking this way.

Let's thank God for the men who DO step up to serve and lead in our churches, but let's also get creative and intentional about encouraging ALL boys and teen guys to use the gifts God gave them! - Rob Biagi

Tell Rob About Your Family - Nowadays! 

Many of you were friends and fans of my music “back in the day” because your kids were at a certain age, and enjoyed my music and live events.

I’m writing to you now because I’d like to hear an update!  How old are your kids now?  Are they walking with Jesus?  What are your kids doing now?  How can I pray for you, and them?  Email me at

Worship Arts Camps - I am going to begin doing “Worship Arts Camps” for 8-18 year-olds in the Fall.  Are there 8-18 year olds in your home, or church, or community, who might like to take part?  I need places to hold these events, and I need a team of Performer/Teachers, so if you’re interested in hearing more, email me at

Booking Kids-and-Family Concerts - I am also booking concerts, school chapels, VBS events, and Kids’ Church Appearances for the Summer and Fall, so let me know about that, too. 

THINK about Christ today! - Rob Biagi

Could YOU Worship if YOUR Parents Were Divorcing?! 

Guys like me are always asking kids to "Sing, Dance, and Worship Jesus!"

But what if kids are being bullied at school or online?  What if their sister is "the favorite," and they feel forgotten most of the time?  What if, no matter how hard a 5th grade girl tries, she just can't make herself look "beautiful"?

It's easier for us (mature, adult Christians) to remember that God is always good, and that "nothing can separate us from [His love]..." (Romans 8:38), but what about children?  Will THEY feel like dancing and celebrating the goodness, faithfulness, and provision of God when their daddy doesn't live at their house anymore?  Would YOU feel like dancing?

Of course, our earthly circumstances shouldn't dictate our feelings about God, but what if you're 7 years old?

Watch this video, and let me know if you agree or disagree with me...

Ease the Stress of VBS! 

Take the Rob Biagi Music Challenge: If you use at least TWO of my songs (with the "official" motions) every day during VBS this year, I guarantee those songs will be the kids' favorites and most memorable overall.  If I'm wrong, I'll give you a free album download for your Children's Ministry.

If you use lyrics videos, you can download "You're a V.I.P. to G-O-D," "Before I Go, I Stop," and "Books of the Bible Rap" from

Let me know if you're up for the Challenge! - Rob

Take Us HOME! (Don't Just Hear Us at Church!) 

7-year-old kids can't spell R-O-B-B-I-A-G-I dot com.  Or Jana Alayra.  Go Fish?  Like the card game?  "Amber Sky" is a crayon color, right?!  And was it Yancy or Nancy?  Yancy NOT Nancy!  Sheesh.  Then how do we get our music from the "airwaves" at Kids' Church to the "playlist" on mom's iPhone?

How can I let the parents know their kids heard AWESOME music in Kids' Church today that THEY OUGHTA BUY, tell everyone about, and play over-and-over at home and on trips around town?
- send a flyer home?
- one-on-one conversations with parents (nah...too time-consuming)
- adhesive stickers on kids' clothes? ("Hey, check out for some GREAT kids' music!  Trust me.  Your kid was ROCKIN' in Kids' Church today.")

Our music is not just "another way to entertain a child."  It is the word of God set to music.  Bible teaching takes lots of time, and repetition.  Music is GREAT for that!

Wouldn't parents be grateful to have the help of some excellent music to reinforce biblical truths?  Then, how do I let parents know?

As always, I welcome your comments...

You Gotta Be a Goof! 

To educate kids, you must have their attention.  To get their attention, you have to be extreme.  Sometimes, it helps to be a goof!

My personality has always been to get on the floor and play with kids.  I love their energy, their curiosity, and their sincerity.  The fact that I can be goofy makes kids laugh, and then I can sing to them and teach them.  I do voice impersonations, extreme physical movements, and make my voice quiet, then LOUD!  What about you?  What can you do to be captivating?

If your ministry kids aren't engaged in music time (or even with your Bible lesson), consider being a goof.

1) You'd better have solid, well-rehearsed content, or you won't KEEP kids' attention.
2) Don't be a goof too often, for too long, or they won't take you seriously.
3) You don't want kids thinking God's word (or church) is "silly."

But kids speak the language of FUN - so make it fun!

As always, I welcome your comments...

"Robbie, Don't Sing at the Dinner Table...!" 

When I was a kid, I sang at the dinner table.  I didn't realize this.  My Dad would say, "Robbie, don't sing at the dinner table...!"  So I'd stop.  For about 30 seconds.  Then I'd start humming.  I didn't realize that either.

Now, guess what?  My kids sing at the dinner table!  I haven't decided if should "shush" them...

Still, you'll often hear my wife Kathleen and me saying, "JULI!  Less Shrek the Musical and more homework, please!"

So it got me thinking...where CAN a kid bust out and sing?!  Not at the dinner table...Not in the grocery store...Not in their classroom...Not in a restaurant...

Ding-ding-ding!  AT KIDS' CHURCH!!  If you're not letting kids (especially BOYS) sing, cheer, grunt, holler, and GET LOUD, you're denying them that ONE CHANCE in the ONE PLACE where they won't get flak for being loud kids!

"The Bug Song" + YouTube = Lyrics Videos from Scotland...?!  

A few years ago somebody made a video: A guy in Scotland named Graeme found the video and starting using it for his puppet ministry.

Years later, Graeme found out that "The Bug Song" was my song, and searched the Internet to see what other Christian songs I had for kids. He found "You're a V.I.P. to G-O-D" (and posted a video on "Rob Biagi Music" Facebook Page posted January 5, 2013). He also started following me on Twitter @robbiagi.

One day I tweeted, "Does anybody out there in the Twitterverse know how to make cool lyrics videos? I could sure use them!" Graeme answered, and offered to help me. He eventually created this lyrics video for my song, "Before I Go, I Stop":

Today, agreed to offer it for sale to churches and Children's Ministers who want to have "Before I Go, I Stop" on their playlists for Kids' Worship at their churches. Hooray! Praise God, and thank you Graeme!

Nose-Wiping and Psalm 32:8 - Thank You Teachers! 

Does your church have highly-committed teachers who serve on Saturday night, then come back for "Big Church" on Sunday morning?  Are they always prepared and ready to teach the word of God to the kids?  That's what it should be - teaching the word of God to kids!  It's not entertainment (though it should be fun), it's not childcare (though infants' noses do need wiping), and it's not a "putting in time" (1 Cor. 15:58).

I'm delighted to say that my church - Compass Bible Church - has a KIDS Ministry full of servants like that - from infants through 6th grade.  I hope your church does, too!

And let's remember to thank and encourage the ones who reinforce the teaching we're doing in our homes!

Teach Your Kids With Rob Biagi Music! 

Tell your kids - “You’re a V.I.P. to G-O-D.”  “God is Holy.”  “I’m Followin’ Jesus” (if indeed you are!)

God commands us to teach the truths of the Bible to our children (Deuteronomy 6:7), and I am honored that so many of you use my songs in your churches and homes to reinforce that teaching!

In the “Lyrics & Bible Teaching Points” section of my website, parents and Children’s Ministers will find direction on which of my songs will supplement what they are teaching from God’s word. I have written songs about faith, obedience, joy, worship, Bible-verse songs, and songs about the joy and adventure of walking with Jesus.

“The world” is consistently, strategically, and aggressively teaching our kids its point of view.  We Christians must be just as disciplined and committed to familiarizing our kids with God’s way!

- Rob B. 12/9/2012

At the Children's Pastors' Conference 

Q:  If I'm in San Diego, California this week, why are my hands cold?!
A:  It's been unusually cold, windy and rainy!

I'm here for the Children's Pastors' Conference.  Kids' Ministry workers, artists like me, and resource providers from all over the U.S. and around the world are here for the annual event.  My wife and two girls joined me onstage for a "showcase" performance for the attendees.  Next year we hope to be back on the main stage during the General Sessions.

I've heard wonderful, affirming stories from so many of you who are friends and fans!  Thank you!

My booth is a "neon green" color scheme.  Very bright!  Today is my workshop on "The Top 5 Mistakes Kids' Worship Leaders Make."  Hoping for a good group that will be equipped and encouraged by what I share.

All right--I've had my morning jog and breakfast (Honey Nut Cheerios, an apple and a water bottle--thank you Smiths! [my host family this week]), so I'm off to the Conference!  I trust that you're having a good, productive day following Christ in whatever you do! - Rob

Don't Buy the Hype 

Just because Kids’ Worship is high-energy and makes kids jump up and down doesn’t mean it’s quality. Don’t buy the hype! (necessarily). Make sure it’s biblical, memorable, and thought-provoking, too.

Consider my most hyper song, “Before I Go, I Stop” (from the “GET OUT THERE!” CD/DVD). It’s pretty thrashy and rockin’, but the lyrics say: “I go all out. Beyond any doubt. I want my life to SHOUT - ‘God is alive in me!’”

The motions call for kids to jump, pump their fists HARD, shake their heads (and so forth), but it’s a solid biblical, thought-provoking message, too.

I’m just sayin...