I Had a Great Summer!

I just finished an amazing and rewarding summer of ministry!  Many thanks to everyone at First Pres. Jeffersonville, Prince of Peace Lutheran, First Pres. Bakersfield, The Cause Church, and Mt. Zion Christian.  It was so much fun!  I trust that God stirred hearts, and drew his children to him.

I will continue to do music concerts going forward, but I am also adding Performing Arts Camps/Workshops to my event schedule.

These events cost $0 to the host church.  I just need help getting the word out, and a few volunteers.

8-18 year olds from your local church, Christian schools, homeschool groups, public schools, and community kids will pay a small registration fee to learn to become better singers, dancers, actors/speakers/presenters, and songwriters for Jesus Christ!

Stay tuned for many more details.  So far I have events planned for California, Kentucky, Ohio, and Illinois. - Rob B. 7/20/17

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