How to Get Boys to Step Up

I have a male Children's Pastor friend who leads the KidMin at a large church in the USA.

Last weekend, his church gave the congregation a special treat by letting the Elementary Kids lead worship for the adult worship service!  As my friend's eyes scanned the kids as they led worship, he noticed that out of the 80 kids who were leading, there were only 12 boys.  That's 15%.

While there IS a lot of debate about a man's role and a woman's role in society  today, the Bible is clear that men are to STEP UP (1 Peter 4:10), follow Christ (Luke 10:27), preach the gospel, serve, and lead!  We MUST get boys and young men started thinking this way.

Let's thank God for the men who DO step up to serve and lead in our churches, but let's also get creative and intentional about encouraging ALL boys and teen guys to use the gifts God gave them! - Rob Biagi

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